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Outcomes of the UAALT-4 International Volunteer Project “Ancient Volyn – Crossroads of Cultures”. Rokyni village, Ukraine 28 / 07-10 / 08/2019

March 12 – Opening of the 2019 season of international volunteer camps

Dear friends! The Season of Summer Volunteer Camps officially opens on March 12, 2019. We are waiting for your applications! We sincerely wish you an amazing and interesting volunteer year of 2019. Your Alternative-V Team

We are looking for new ideas and partners in Ukraine

Alternative-V is looking for new ideas for volunteer projects for the summer of 2019: Are you interested in organizing a two-week project in your city / town / village with the participation of an international volunteer group?Does your community need the help of 10-15 volunteers from around the world? Would you be interested in inviting […]

Today is International Day of Happiness ! The pursuit of happiness is an inherent desire of every person on the planet. ‘Alternative-V’ Team sincerely wishes everyone – to be happy!

ESC Volunteer camps in France

Hi there! ☀️ Now is the time to plan your summer, and if you have the time and the desire spend it helping others and delve into the new culture. We have three amazing programs for our volunteers participate in volunteer camps in France under the European Solidarity Corps program. The ESC program covers travel […]

German-Ukrainian-Russian volunteer camps

The partner non-government organization SCI Germany invites volunteers to join 5 tripartite German-Ukrainian-Russian volunteer camps this year. Nowadays, it is crucial to pay attention to history and the importance  of being tolerant in order to avoid mistakes from the past. We promote trilateral projects on mutually interesting themes which create a friendly and cooperative environment […]

Germany is the most popular destination among our volunteers ⠀

Volunteer camps in this country are the most appealing for beginner volunteers as well as for those who have already participated in them. Usually camps are for the youth (but often young people from 16). In general, the duration of most volunteer camps is about 2 or 3 weeks. 🗂️ Descriptions of 224 camps coordinated […]

2019 Rokyni International Volunteer Camp has started again!

Dear friends, International Volunteer Camp in Rokyny in Volyn region has officially started again! It will be held from July 28 to August 10 by our association with the support of the Volyn Brotherhood International Public Association. Participants of our camp are 13 volunteers from Spain, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. This year’s work […]

20th Anniversary of our association!

Dear friends! This Sunday, on 30 June we have a special day to celebrate – 20th Anniversary of our association! It is symbolic indeed that AUAYC “Alternative-V” was registered 20 years ago exactly on the same day as Youth Day in Ukraine is held. Over these years, thousands of young people from Ukraine and other […]

UAALT-4 “Rokyni Open-Air Museum” – International Volunteer Camp to be held again

Dear friends! In the picturesque corner of Volyn near Lutsk is the Museum of Volyn Agricultural History – Skansen – an amazing exposition of the past Ukrainian people. Here you can see the things that will tell about the emergence of agriculture, the introduction of animal husbandry, life and cultural heritage of Volyn. And this […]


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