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We are awaiting the stabilization of the situation regarding the spread COVID-19

Dear friends! We, our partners, and many of you are awaiting the stabilization of the COVID-19 distribution situation. It is difficult to predict what impact the virus will have on our lives and how long will last the quarantine and other restrictive measures in the world. Some of our partners have suspended the placements for […]

Digital Workcamp “Second Life of Things” 2020 are searching for participants!

Dear friends!⠀Modern challenges require modern decisions, so those who miss the workcamp experience, we invite to be one among first to join new and actual Digital workcamps!⠀SCI Germany has prepared for you the project “Second Life of Things” which will help to pay attention on the environment together with people from different countries even staying at […]

International volunteer camp program European Solidarity Corps is waiting for you !

Dear friends! We hope that the current situation will be stabilized as soon as possible, and while we offer young people from 18 to 30 years old to pay attention to one of short-term European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Finland and France. ESC is a great opportunity for the […]

100th anniversary season of international volunteer camps 2020 is open!

The big amount of descriptions of international volunteer camps has already been consulted a lot on our web-site! Choose, fill an application form in English and get satifaction by participing in these charity projects! We are going to have a great year together ! 🌎🇺🇦

Presentation of the program of International volunteer Camps 2020 🌍

If you like to travel, want to spend your free time in an interesting way and with benefits not only for yourself but also for the local community, improve your English and / or other foreign languages, gain new experience and get acquainted with interesting people from different countries of the world? 🌍 In this […]

Meeting of our volunteers in the Youth center of Volyn, 2019 – The experience of Alina

International voluntary camp Rokyni 2019Summary by Alina Halai I’ve been a volunteer for almost 2 years. During this time I have participated in many international projects. But It was the first time when I was a camp leader. Kind regards and gratitude to All-Ukrainian Association for youth co-operation Alternative-V and International non-governmental organization ‘Volyn Brotherhood’ […]

Celebration of the International Volunteer Day 2019

Recalling the last Saturday: the celebration of the volunteer day was AMAZING ! We heartily thank everyone who joined-together we have got an incredible day, with the soul molded delicious dumplings, funny jokes, new acquaintances and long-awaited meetings, with interesting stories.. And even one little adventure! We feel that this day has given us all […]

Welcome our volunteers form Germany and Finland 🇩🇪🇫🇮

Europe day 2015 in Kyiv 🇪🇺🌍

International volunteer Camps in France

Dear friends! We join the congratulations of our partner organization in France Solidarités Jeunesses for this new year and offer to get involve in the first 11 spring and summer International volunteer camps in this wonderful country. Detailed descriptions of the camps: Age of participants: 18 + Type/Work Type: RENO/CULT, RENO, CULT/FEST or CONS […]


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