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German-Ukrainian-Russian volunteer camps

The partner non-government organization SCI Germany invites volunteers to join 5 tripartite German-Ukrainian-Russian volunteer camps this year. Nowadays, it is crucial to pay attention to history and the importance  of being tolerant in order to avoid mistakes from the past.

We promote trilateral projects on mutually interesting themes which create a friendly and cooperative environment for activists from our three countries to meet & work together, study & learn together, have fun together and be given the opportunity to talk directly with each other about challenges confronting all of them, away from the hype, hate speech and propaganda spread by many media channels in each of our countries. The hope is that people will listen to, and respect each other’s opinions and in the process learn empathy and try to find compromises that will promote peaceful solutions for conflicts for the benefit of all sides involved. This is the main reason why our organisations exist – to promote peace, mutual understanding and solidarity among our people, regardless of their colour, religion, gender, political beliefs etc.

1. DE-SCI 1.30 “Buchenwald near Weimar” 28.07 – 10.08.2019 Approaches to racism, exclusion and extermination in the era of National Socialism based on the example of Buchenwald concentration camp.

2. DE-SCI 1.34 “Georgsmarienhütte near Osnabrück” 03.08 – 17.08.2019
Contemporary witnesses on forced labour in WW2 based on the example of the Gestapo labour camp in Georgsmarienhütte. Everyone knows about concentration camps but hardly anyone knows anything about the conditions and fate of the 14 million forced labourers in the German Reich.

3. DE-SCI 1.36 “Coping with the Past Berlin” 01.07 – 15.07.2019
The main aim is to study the main difference between how people in Germany and post-Soviet countries deal with collective memory of WW2 (Great Patriotic War).

4. DE-SCI 11.57 “Urban Space Berlin” 17.08 – 30.08.2019
Since many years already volunteers from our three countries have been investigating and documenting alternative educational, cultural and ecological projects in Berlin. Volunteers learn how to make videos & interviews and visit interesting places in the city and contribute to the website:

5. DE-SCI 6.96 “Do not Ignore – Defining the concept of “Queer” 31.08 – 13.09.2019
In all our countries exist strong stereotypes and prejudice and physical violence against people from the LGBTIQ+ Community based largely on ignorance. Volunteers with different sexual orientation are very welcome to join this project and share their experiences in society with others.

Feedbacks from volunteers of last year’s camps can be provided upon request via e-mail.

Full project descriptions are available at volunteer camps section, a link to which you can find on our site page And by clicking ‘Link for application form for volunteer’ and specifying the code of the selected camp to apply for participation.

We are waiting for your applications! 🙂


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