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Impression. Nicholas P. stay on long-term volunteer projects in the YMCA camp in the UK

“I could never think that I can be part of the team of the famous YMCA. Once I saw ad on the Internet that  AUAYC “Alternative-V” recruited volunteers to work with children, I decided to try it, although in my head flashed that this high level projects require some experience and training. Although I have pedagogical  education, I had not pedagogical experience.

I was a little nervous when I arrived there, but after the first meeting, all thoughts vanished like smoke.

You become open and positive. After a while it becomes a habit, and – click! (A click stretches to the length of the project :)) – you are changed. You begin to look on trouble from another prism of understanding, team spirit and fun atmosphere. You become more receptive to positive actions of others and sincerely thank them for their help.

I was very touched by phrase of one of the volunteers with whom I met there. She said: “Since joining the ranks of volunteers I became kinder.” I think that this is the true meaning of the general movement of volunteers – to become kinder, sincere, more open. And if you change even one person, it is first drop to change the whole world. That was my 2015 year.


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