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Impression. Participation Olha P. in youth training course “SEE – Sample EU Entrepreneurs” in Mala Skala, Czech republic 22 – 29.10.16

„SEE – Sample EU Entrepreneurs“ a training that held in a picturesque place Mala Skala in Czech Republic during 22nd – 29th October 2016.


There were 8 different countries (Israel, Ukraine, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Spain, Portugal and UK) that were involved in this particular project. The main goal of this training was to develop knowledge about entrepreneurship and social enterprises. This project was also focused on supporting young people to start their own activities leading to better employability and exploring the possibilities of the Erasmus + program as a tool for youth employment.



Although the duration of this project was only one week, organizers did their best and made this week extremely productive and event-full.

Day 1

First day was very promising to all participants. After some interactive methods to get to know each other, we understand how many things we have in common. That is why we quickly became a one friendly team. Then we were listening a lecture about introduction concept of TC Aims, Goals. Then we made out own list of Fears, Expectations and Contribution that we can bring to this particular project.


Besides discussions we also had another type of activities –  an excursion to the Ruin of Vranov Castle.


Day 2


Second day of our training was extremely informative and productive. We had some sample visits in another place – Železný Brod.


We had an opportunity to get acquainted with tree different entrepreneurships – AAC Bižuterie,
DT Glass and  Glass school All of these enterprises are family business and generally the number of workers is less than twenty. Despite this, all of these entrepreneurships are quite successful and have agreements with companies from different countries.


The main goal of visiting these entrepreneurships was to teach us to not to be afraid of starting your own business. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you have an idea you aspire to develop. That is why all of these entrepreneurships were great examples of proving it.


Day 3

Third day of our training was devoted to discussions and presentations about situation of employability in each country.



Day 4


We have another day of visiting samples during four day of the project. This time there were three entrepreneurships – Ponikla – Rautis, a.s., Semily – Social enterprise Lucie and Wranovsky crystal

1798Day 5  

Next day was mainly devoted to lectures and presentations about entrepreneurship.

65We also made an intercultural evening where each of eight countries have presented some of their national traditions.

42Day 6


Last day of our project was focused on Planning Future Cooperation in Frame of ERASMUS+ and  Evaluation of the training Youthpass Giving Ceremony .


This week was extremely productive and interesting to all participants. There were many not only theoretical employability aspects but also interesting excursions to different places. This training help us to understand many crucial things about personal self-improvement. But the most important thing we understood is not to be afraid of challenges and always try to do your best if you want to be successful.



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