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International volunteer camp program European Solidarity Corps is waiting for you !

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Dear friends!

We hope that the current situation will be stabilized as soon as possible, and while we offer young people from 18 to 30 years old to pay attention to one of short-term European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Finland and France.

ESC is a great opportunity for the following reasons:
-Absence of registration fee
-Reimbursement of travel expenses from 275 to 360 euros, depending on the distance
-Provided pocket money from 4 to 6 euro/day of stay on the project;
-Health insurance is ensured.

📝To register for the ESC project you need to:
-Choose a project you are interested in
-Fill in the English application form at the link by pressing ‘ LINK FOR APPLICATION FORM FOR VOLUNTEER ‘ -Write a motivation letter (further informations in the project description) and send to the address [email protected]
-After receiving prior confirmation of participation, register on the portal

➡️Here you will find a selection of interesting ESC camps from our partners:

➡️As well as descriptions of these and other international Volunteer camps (1948 projects in 52 countries of the world) you can find on our website, ‘ LINK FOR SEARCH ENGINE ‘ button

👉The participation of Ukrainian volunteers is limited to two volunteers per project, so do not hesitate to ask us further informations and submit your application.

We are waiting for your applications!


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