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International Youth Volunteer Camp in Ukraine: we are looking for new Projects for Summer 2017.


AUAYC “Alternative-V” is searching new ideas for volunteer projects for summer 2017:

Are you interested in the opportunity to organize a two-week project in your city / town / village featuring an international group of volunteers?

Perhaps your community initiative needs the help of 10-15 volunteers from around the world?

Would you like to invite the whole world to your city / town / village in the summer of 2017?

Please contact us if you have any ideas and we will help you to realize it!

Every year, Ukrainian Association for Youth Cooperation “Alternative-V” in cooperation with local partners coordinate international volunteer camps involving volunteers from around the world. Volunteer camps are held in different regions of Ukraine in the summer and early fall; usually volunteer camp duration is 2 weeks.

Projects are in the form of labor camps and recreation. During the first half of the day (4-5 hours per day) international group of volunteers consisting of 10-15 people (the number of representatives from one country to the camp, which is typically less than 2, the total number of foreign volunteers determined for each project depending the needs of the project) performs socially useful work for the community, landscaping and facilities of schools, orphanages, boarding schools, rehabilitation centers and other social facilities, reconstruction and restoration of architectural monuments, local organization of free time children and adolescents preparing for festivals and educational events on human rights, HIV / AIDS, environmental protection and other most pressing social problems. After work, participants are introduced to cultural values, language and traditions of Ukraine and countries of participants.

The most important principles of voluntary camps:

– Work done by volunteers have to be necessary and important for the local community,

– Local community should be involved in the project,

– The results of work done by an international group of volunteers should be visible.

Usually, the language spoken in volunteer camp is English (though the level of English in a variety of participants can vary greatly), sometimes can be used Ukrainian or Russian.

Volunteers do the work of the project and divide responsibilities for cooking and cleaning.

AUAYC “Alternative-V” is looking for new partners and projects for the summer of 2017 the following conditions:

– AUAYC “Alternative-V” provides employment of foreign volunteers and provides trained volunteer camp leader;

– Expected that the local partner can offer free accommodation (accommodation) and catering to an international volunteer group for the entire period of the project. It is desirable to place group of volunteers with the possibility of cooking by themselves. (Possible options for accommodation in the local school, boarding school, dormitory, etc.);


– Expected that the local partner will provide an international team of volunteer work, which is really important for the local community;

– Expected local partner is able to offer a cultural program or options for free time for an international group of volunteers (payment of the cultural program carried out at the expense of the camp participants and can be subsidized by “Alternative-V”).

With ideas of projects you can contact us till 19th of February 2017.

– Email: [email protected]

– (044) 288, (067) 549 62 99, (093) 379 03 03

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