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Враження. Неймовірна Валерія Михальчук про Youth Exchange “Peace, Love and Care” у Кобулеті, Грузія

A Youth Exchange “Peace, Love and Care” brought together  for 10 days 40 young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.
Peace, Love and CareThe YE was very well-organized and prepared by Dutch organization Stitching International Youth Bridges. All the sessions were carried out through the non-formal activities, energizers, workshops, outdoor activities, brainstorming, presentations, working groups, simulation games and reflection groups.

Through such workshops as “Mandala”, “Imagine”, “Drama and its techniques”, “If you want peace, prepare peace”, “Music and its secrets” and other, young people from different countries with the help of Music and Art built up intercultural dialogue against potential conflicts, violence and racism.

The participants were very friendly, peaceful, creative and full of ideas.

As a result, the participants planned their own projects within Erasmus+ program and created clips with their own composed music  about Peace, Love and Care, please watch:

And of course I should mention that the project was held in amazing and hospitable Georgia with incredible Georgian people!

Me, You and We are the Ambassadors of Peace, Love and Care!
I still believe in Peace!
Still Love and want to be Loved!
Still Care !
whatever and always.

Thanks to Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Peace, Love & Care.

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